Catch the Wave… The NoHo Art Wave


Officials have announced plans to build a monstrous apartment and high-rise office tower complex in North Hollywood, at the current end-of-the-line for the Red Line subway.

This project will be the biggest transit oriented development in L.A. Country history, to the tune of $1.3-billion, covering over 15 acres.

Officials with the developer, Brentwood-based Lowe Enterprises, say they want to tap into North Hollywood’s arts and theater scene and provide space for groups to rehearse and perform, both outdoors and indoors. Senior Vice President Thomas Wulf said the project is being called the “NoHo Art Wave” because it’s being designed to be “a wave drawing pedestrians, office users and retail customers.”

“Our goal is to really build upon the resurgence that’s already taken place in North Hollywood, such as the resurgence of live theaters.”

NoHo Art Wave. Worst. Name. Ever. Build it anyway. And get started on a Ventura Boulevard Subway that connects Universal with Burbank, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, etc. We’re gonna need that thing.

The biggest irony in all of this is that a whole new generation of serious actors might PREFER to live on the this side of the hill.

Image from the dailynews


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  1. I do not feel Japan and Korea films are far better than hollywood ones. Just my believed

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