So You Think You Know NoHo?


North Hollywood may not be known as the most hip place in all of Los Angeles. There are no velvet ropes here. No world premieres. No Paris or Britney sightings. Just street cred as a real arts district. Yeah, I said it. Street cred.

On Saturday, October 6th, several theaters and local businesses will open their doors to the world for NoHo Scene. The event is free, with free performances in 17 different NoHo theaters as well as on the main festival stage.

One of the highlights of this year’s NoHo Scene is Shane Sparks from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. Some of the biggest names in music rehearse at the Millennium Dance Complex in NoHo. Shane has picked 10 dancers to perform one of his routines onstage, where he’ll pick the winner.

There will also be art demonstrations as well as an Art Battle – a live art competition with angry Starbucks and paintbrush-wielding warriors fighting side-by-side, with the crowd picking the winner. This, I gotta see.

As an added bonus, area businesses are offering discounts on stuff you may, or may not, need. How about 25% tattoos at The Electric Pen?

See you at the end of the Red & the Orange.


One Response to “So You Think You Know NoHo?”

  1. Just one correction: Britney “rehearses” at the Millenium Dance Studio at Lankershim in NoHo and has been known to get her crazy on at the Starbucks across the street.

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