Kayne West Just Peed His Pants


It’s time to send Kanye to his room. No dessert. No TV. No iPod. Just Kanye in a corner, with time to think about his behavior.

The problem isn’t necessarily what Kanye has done. It’s what he hasn’t. He seems unable to control a mysterious case of oral diarrhea, and if unchecked, it could cause irreversible damage to his cred.

Kanye now claims that MTV used a bad Britney performance to get ratings, and that he should have opened the show instead of her. He also had a fit because he only got to perform his song in a suite, while they gave Justin Timberlake the main stage. After all, just who is this Timberlake guy, anyway?

Grow up, Kanye. You’re 29 years old, for crying out loud.


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