The Hollywood Streetcar


Streetcars are getting a lot of buzz lately, with cities all over North America trying to solve traffic issues while attempting to recapture some of that civic pride.

There has been talk – although not much lately – of bringing the historic Red Cars of the Pacific Electric Railway back to the streets of Downtown Los Angeles.

LAist even has some of their own thoughts, with a fantastic idea for a NoHo Arts District line. Perhaps if a Ventura Boulevard Subway is not in our future, the clanging of a historic trolley down its center could also be an option.

But, what about Hollywood?

Photo from Tom Wetzel

I have to admit, that my first visit to the entertainment capital of the world was a little disappointing. I thought there might be a little more attention to detail regarding the history of the place, as well as the people that have lived and worked there.

With so many people visiting Hollywood every year, and a public transit system that can be confusing and downright silly to just about anyone, wouldn’t a historic streetcar be a perfect addition?

The Hollywood Streetcar: From Hollywood & Vine to The Sunset Strip.


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