How Generous is Your Favorite Star?


You’ve finally made it. You have a whole page of starring roles on IMDB. House in the hills, and in Malibu, and in Europe. You just wrapped production on your latest Ron Howard-directed film. And you got paid. What now? Yacht? Space flight? Island hopping with P. Diddy?

We always hear of the dumb things that celebs do with their money. And the dumb things they do because of their money. Isn’t it refreshing to know that some stars use their cheddar for good?

Look To The Stars tracks the rich & famous that give back.

Chris Rock supports the Elevate Hope Foundation for abused and abandoned children.

Vince Vaughn is involved with Army Emergency relief, which provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers and their families.

Jennifer Love Hewitt works with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for seriously ill children.

The site currently lists 736 Charitable Celebrities from Adam Sandler to Noticeably absent from the list, is one Ryan Seacrest, who pulls in $14-million a year according to Forbes.

FADE IN, out.


One Response to “How Generous is Your Favorite Star?”

  1. 1 looktothestars

    Hi – thanks for the mention of our site! We haven’t come across any personal involvement that Seacrest has had with charities; drop us a mail if you have any pointers, and we’ll be sure to add him!

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