Valet in L.A.


The parking valet. Meant for upscale restaurants, hotels, and areas where parking is scarce. But, how many times have you had your car parked in L.A., only to find that it’s right by the front door, in a space that you could have pulled into yourself?

What convenience. Thank you for starting my car. Here’s $10.

Yesterday, Valet Stupidity reached new heights. When I arrived at Big Wangs – a sports bar – at 4:50, there was no valet, and I parked right by the entrance. When I left the bar, a valet said that I needed to pay.

Let’s see… I don’t have a valet ticket and you don’t have my keys.  Have a nice day.


One Response to “Valet in L.A.”

  1. One of our pet peeves – darn those unregulated Valets that make money off public streets. More here.

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