Happy Birthday, Los Angeles. Take a Hike.


The City of Los Angeles will celebrate its 226th birthday this Sunday. By taking a walk.

According to the Pasadena Weekly (because that makes sense), you can join the Mayor at 7am at the San Gabriel Mission and walk 9 miles to the El Pueblo Historical Monument in Downtown Los Angeles. The idea here is to “retrace the steps of the city’s original Spanish settlers, who founded the city on Sept. 4, 1781.”

The article also mentions “thousands of other revelers for a full day of live music, artisan exhibits, information booths and massive amounts of free cake.”

So… you want me to get up early on Labor Day Weekend, during a heat wave, and walk 9 miles to eat some cake?

The city has an official birthday party web site, which would be cool if there was anything useful on it. Like, information. Instead, you get this:

It’s a shame that Los Angeles doesn’t take more pride in it’s own existence. It forgets it’s own birthday, and when it remembers, it buys itself a crappy sheet cake from the local Ralph’s. Then it invites a few co-workers over to sing off-key and mail it in with only 6 candles to blow out.

Here’s a thought:  Move Fiesta Broadway to the weekend following Labor Day Weekend. Make it a festival that includes a cross-section of L.A. culture, celebrating the diverse ethnic background of the entire city. Then, actually promote it.

Photo from USC Digital Archive


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