Elliott Yamin vs. S Club 7


It’s a world of thievery. Unoriginality. Musicologicalmischievery.



18 Responses to “Elliott Yamin vs. S Club 7”

  1. I don’t hear ANY similarities!

  2. 2 Sally

    Are you talking about waves crashing on the shore? Do you really think these songs sound alike? Maybe the first 5 seconds but you can do that with a lot of songs. So my answer is NO, I don’t think they are similar.

  3. 3 shay

    Do you mean the piano in the beginning? These songs seem very differemt to me

  4. 4 Sharon

    Are you kidding me? This sounds nothing like Wait for You. You really need to knock it off and get “Over It”. This not a positive “love Story”–Wait for You is more upbeat.

  5. 5 Tek

    I don’t see any similarity with Wait For You except maybe the first few seconds of piano in the beginning. After that the songs are totally different, style, lyrics, tempo… all just different. I do hear a lot of similarity to Karen Carpenter’s style and I think this artist even sounds like her to a degree. I guess that’s ok tho since Karen is no longer with us. You might want to be a little more discerning in who you are accusing of stealing from whom, but then again, maybe you only listened to the first few seconds of the song. Whatever.

  6. 6 Cathy

    These are two very different songs. There are a couple of similar piano notes at the beginning, and a VERY slight similarity in PART of the chorus, but other than that, the feel, the melody, the rhythm, the lyrics, etc. are completely different. BTW I don’t know who wrote “Dream Come True” but “Wait for You” wasn’t even written by Elliott. Taj Jackson wrote it.

  7. 7 amanda

    the beginnings are EXACTLY the same!

  8. omg tha choruses sound exactly tha same! but do u really think elliot yamin would rip off S CLUB 7??? hmmm …

  9. 9 Azuah

    this is the exact same thing!!

    except Sclub7 is better. :o)

  10. 10 Katie

    I couldn’t agree any more. Elliot should be ashamded of himself.

  11. 11 Ray

    I dont know…they are VERY similar

  12. 12 Roni

    These songs sound exactly the same to me!! I knew that “Wait for You” sounded familiar but I just couldn’t place it!!!

  13. 13 Sarah

    I thought he’s song sounded familiar lol. I thought it was just me. I used to like S Club 7, so I guess that’s why I thought Elliot’s song sounded familiar.

  14. 14 Ana

    I think the choruses sound similar, but I prefer Elliott’s song by far.
    Look at Timbaland’s tracks if you want to find true unoriginality.

  15. 15 KK

    YEAH i thought it was Never Had A Dream Come True when i first heard it. I thought it was just me haha.

  16. 16 Molly

    If you listen to the underlying sounds, like accompaniment and chords, the progression is very similar, but many songs have similar chord progression.

  17. dude these S Club 7 people came from a hole in the wall! And exactly where are they famous from? They’re like the backstreetgirls! seriously, and yeah the beginning of the chorus KINDA sounds the same but other then that…not at all.

  18. 18 michelle

    your not supposed to take anything from other songs.
    and its obvious he didd.
    andd alsoo.
    s clubs is 10 times better
    andd wait for you near the end has the same beat.

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