The Los Angeles Sports Bar


It’s coming. You can tell because the days are getting shorter. The air smells a little different, and you know it’s not the random far-away-fire or the layer of brown that chokes the sky. No. This is something else. Something greater.

This, is College Football Season.

People move to Los Angeles for different reasons. They usually bring a couple of half-written scripts and a box of headshots with them. But, when they get here, they realize something is wrong. Los Angeles is not a college football town. Oh, sure, you’ll find the loyal grads who constantly bicker over who sucks more: UCLA or USC. You’ll also find thousands of hangers-on that switch jerseys when one of those teams hits a winning stride.

But, this is not a college football town.

If you don’t believe me, search “sports bar” in Google maps for North Hollywood, CA. The Results show one sports bar between the 5 and the 405, North of the 101.


Thank God for Big Wangs in Hollywood. Beer, wings, and a short hop from the Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station. Fans of college football teams from all over the South, the Midwest, and back East. And the same amount of smack-talk you remember.

Rumor has it, they’ve just added some HD TVs and a new 50 inch plasma to go with their other 2 big screens.

Saturday special: Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar – $4 Chicka chika yeah.


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