Hello, NoHo


Ever wonder who has your back in this city? According to Los Angeles City Nerd, there are 173 officially designated communities that combine to form the mega dream killer known as Metropolis. I get my mail in North Hollywood. Although, sometimes it says Toluca Lake. Or Studio City.

Each of these little communities, or in most cases, streets, have their own neighborhood council. So, let’s Google “North Hollywood Neighborhood Council.” One of the results is the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council. Great name. Rolls off the tongue. Not to mention that I was unaware of NoHo having a Mid-Town.

Anything wrong with this picture?

I’m sure Mayor Villaraigosa would be happy to know that the Mayor Hahn is still running the joint. Either the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council no longer exists, or the M.T.N.H.N.C. webmaster is M.I.A.

As it turns out, my North Hollywood apartment doesn’t even fall into the Mid-Town North Hollywood jurisdiction. I am under the protection of the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council, which seems to have a thing for swans.

Photo by sassylittlepunkin

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