Hoff in the UC?


While working out at the gym last night, I was already starting to worry about how it might turn into one of “those gyms.” You know, girls in their makeup and guys roaming in packs who never really seem to sit down at any of the machines.

The L.A. Fitness in Universal City has only been open for a few weeks, but we already have our fair share of douchebags. My favorite last night, was the guy that sat at the preacher curl machine for 20 minutes – texting. Dude, who the fuck are you texting from the gym? The jackass was still at the gym when I left, propped up against the outside wall of the building, talking on the phone. I wonder if he was with the other guy who was roaming through the nautilus stations, ballcap on sideways, chewing gum. Having a good workout, are we?

Now we have this… a report from TMZ that David Hasselhoff was there for a workout. The proof is in the picture. Fine. As long as Michael Knight doesn’t require them to close the gym for a private workout, we’ll all get along fine.

Photo from TMZ


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