A YouTube history of the Red Line


Amusing. For all the wrong reasons.


4 Responses to “A YouTube history of the Red Line”

  1. Thanks for posting this!

    At the end of the first part Frank White asks “Isn’t hindsight wonderful?” And it applies to this “60 MInutes” report, which in the 12 years since reveals itself to be substantially biased. As an example I find it interesting that the segment focuses briefly on the shortcomings of the Green Line but makes no mention of the success of the Blue Line for some sort of balance.

    Did the MTA create a boondoggle as they tunneled through Hollywood? Absolutely. But for all his faults I think White acquitted himself quite well in the face of Stahl’s eye-rolling and smirking.

    And Tom “Stop It Now” Hayden’s sky-is-falling approach to the tunneling under Runyon Canyon proved a bunch of kneejerk hogwash.

  2. 2 _C$

    Thanks for posting this! Great stuff.

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