West L.A. doesn’t get it


by Atwater Village Newbie

City Council just approved $6 million in upgrades to fix traffic on the Westside, which means modernizing traffic signals at 361 intersections and 33 left-turn lights.

Wow. Left-turn lights? Amazing.

Maybe some of those developers’ fees should also go to buying a few shovels, so we can start digging the rest of the Purple Line.

There is also a plan to create bus-only lanes on Wilshire Boulevard, which drew this response in the L.A Times:

“You can’t take a third of the drivable lanes from people who are already stuck in traffic for 45 minutes,” said Jay Handal, chairman of the Greater West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce board. “Take a guy who earns a half-million dollars a year. He’s going to drive to a parking lot and get on a bus? I don’t think so.”

Well done, Mr. Handal. Your concern for the quality of life in Los Angeles will be greatly appreciated for generations to come.

Jay Handal
Greater West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 310-481-0600
Fax: 310-388-3025


Photo by Atwater Village Newbie 


One Response to “West L.A. doesn’t get it”

  1. Hey, cool photo! Looks like one I have.

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