Actors want to act. Actors want to save the world. Sometimes, that’s a dangerous a combination. Here’s a listing for an acting group that wants world peace.

Their mission?

1. Ending war and dismantling all nuclear weapons.
2. Putting all the money that went into war and nukes into hunger, poverty, curing disease, getting kids an education, and promoting arts and culture.

They do want you to do some acting. But, they also plan to wreak havoc on Hollywood with “social espionage activities.”

…We don’t believe in playing by traditional Hollywood power rules and are instead bypassing the system with our own Intelligence Agency. It’s kind of like being a spy or a con-artist but for a good cause.

…Let’s say a powerful Prince from a foreign country walks in a club with an escort of two FBI style security agents and eight cute girls all swarming about him. Then everyone will wonder who this guy is with all these girls and security and want to talk to him, right? This however could be an actual Prince with a harem and security or just a group of trained actors creating a fake social situation to advance objectives and get a meeting with the Producer by fooling him.

Actors in Hollywood running their own Intelligence Agency. What could possibly go wrong?

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