Wakey wakey, we’re having a quakey


It’s easy to forget that California is earthquake country. I have felt a small tremor maybe twice in 2 years. Other times, I seem to be in the car or an elevator, oblivious.

This morning a 4.5 hit just North of Chatsworth, which isn’t that far from NoHo in the San Fernando Valley. We shook for a while. Apparently, we also had 3 aftershocks. I was still awake, having just come from acting class and the gym. But it hit me. Am I ready for this? What if a big one hits? Will this POS North Hollywood back house built in the 1950s flatten like a pancake with me inside? What should I have packed in a bag, ready to go? And why am I still hungry?

Thankfully, the Internets are here to help. They prepare you for everything from what to do during the quake to what you should have in your disaster kit – including… a whistle? If I need a whistle, that means my house has, in fact, become a pancake.

In other news, Barry Bonds is still a jerk.


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