Is your favorite sports team national?


My car radio was still on the AM dial this morning, after scrambling for End of Days information on the Chatsworth Quake of ’07 several hours earlier. Somehow, I wound up on 710 ESPN for the ride to work. Topic? Whether or not your sports team is national. According to them, it’s important for us to feel like our team is a national team. Otherwise, we don’t feel so good about ourselves.

Broadcast nuggets:

1. The only baseball teams that are national are the Cubs, the Yankees, the Red Sox… and the Red Sox really aren’t that national.

The Cubs? Yes. Yes, that makes sense. That explains all the Cubs stickers, license plate holders, and window flags I saw on my cross-country drive to Los Angeles in 2005. CubMania. It’s everywhere. It’s in your cereal. It’s in your mall. It’s bigger than dramatic squirrel on YouTube.

2. The only college football teams that are national are Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and USC.

USC? Uh, talk to people outside of California. While the the Trojans have enjoyed some amazing success recently under Pete Caroll, I didn’t even know what city the school was in during the 90s. Neither did Florida State, Nebraska, Tennessee, Miami, etc. Sorry, Reggie. Still got much love.

Bottom line: National teams are teams that are now. It’s who is winning, or at least, has the appearance of having won. Who keeps going to the playoffs. Who has the fattest paycheck. Who has the most easily-worn team accessory. Who has had the weather most fair.

None of my teams are national at the moment. But, I feel pretty good about myself. I know that I’m a true fan, not willing to hop onto today’s bandwagon. No matter how many idiots out there are wearing your hat.


One Response to “Is your favorite sports team national?”

  1. 1 Claire

    Yeah! Go Bruins!

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