Crossing the streets of L.A.


Why did The Actor cross the road? Because he was feeling suicidal.

People drive cars in Los Angeles. They drive while talking on their cell phone, flipping through their Thomas Guide, and sipping on their non-fat latte. They’re doing 50 in a 35. And they don’t see me stepping off the curb to cross Sunset at Highland.

L.A. is trying to change itself. It’s trying to create a more vibrant Downtown. It’s trying to get people to live where they work, and work where they live. It’s trying to get them out of their cars and take the bus. The train. To walk. But, L.A. is blindly pushing its citizens right into oncoming, distracted traffic.

To get around this city, we not only need a major public transit revolution, we need safer streets. Better lighting. Wider sidewalks. Safer street crossings. Where do we start?

Arlington County, Virginia.

WALKArlington is an entire movement toward making a more walkable community. Sure, we have a much bigger task at hand with Los Angeles. But, a good start would be to make many of our streets and intersections safer for pedestrians to cross.

And what’s up with all of the half-assed sidewalks in this town? If there’s gonna be a pole in my way, it had better be in a strip club.


One Response to “Crossing the streets of L.A.”

  1. 1 TAR

    Having recently become a stroller-pushing-parent, I find this kind of clueless urban sidewalk design all over Los Angeles. Makes me feel even worse for the wheelchair-bound.

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