Broadway is coming back




My favorite street in Los Angeles is Broadway. There is so much history in the architectural gems Downtown, and it’s exciting to see the historic core of the city coming back to life. Broadway is home to some of the best physical history of L.A., and most of it has been preserved because of years of neglect.

The theaters on Broadway are amazing, and I can remember my first encounter with them in 2005, on a shoot with AFI. It was a humbling production assistant gig on location at the Los Angeles Theater. I pictured well-dressed men and women, with their hats, coats, gloves, & scarves, walking through the grand lobby in anticipation of some major motion picture event. Even the restrooms were elaborate, adorned with marble walls of varying colors and design, complete with a separate power room that had individual vanity stations. This was Los Angeles, with class. Would these amazing theaters ever return to their glory? Or would they be doomed to lie in ruin as a swap meet or notorious night club?

It appears time are finally changing. The Orpheum has been renovated and is home to a variety of events including live music and the Last Remaining Seats series. The Million Dollar Theater has announced plans to reopen. And now, The Tower just got a bath. The old theater, recently featured in the movie Transformers, is new again.

Pictures of the newly cleaned Tower Theater in Downtown Los Angeles can be seen here.


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