Gym, gym, gym


Since moving to Los Angeles over 2 years ago, I’ve been a member of 2 separate gyms. Until yesterday, I hadn’t set foot in either. I became a member of 24-Hour Fitness in the Sherman Oaks Galleria when I first arrived. But, I quickly realized that the thought of sharing an escalator with the movie crowd on the way to and from the gym wasn’t that inviting. So, last August, I signed up for the new L.A. Fitness that was set to open in Universal City in November 2006.

It opened this past weekend. Yesterday, I worked out.

I like this gym already. It’s not the gym where guys are standing around looking at themselves in the mirror, and girls wearing makeup are talking on cellphones and walking on treadmills. People work out here. They sweat here. They put on their iPods and block out the rest of the world here.

The gym is two levels. Locker rooms, cardio, and nautilus on the ground floor. More cardio, free weights, and a spinning room upstairs. There’s something pretty cool about using the machines in the upstairs corner overlooking the 101. I’d hate to be them.

Of course, I wonder how many drivers are looking back at us and saying the same thing.


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