The Valley’s best pizza


Lately, I’ve been on a pizza kick. It’s not like I want to devour an entire pie, or anything… football season hasn’t started yet. I just wouldn’t mind having a slice every now and then. When I was in San Francisco a while back, I think I got spoiled being able to walk down the street at 2AM chowing on some pepperoni.

“You can’t find good pizza in L.A.”

You’ll hear that time and again out here. New Yorkers love to move to the West Coast, and then piss and moan about it not being New York. Well, it’s not. Otherwise, why would you move from New York to… New York?

The good news is, there is pizza in Los Angeles. And some of it is pretty damn good. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

1. Joe Peeps – Pizza & Graffiti

2. Vitello’s – Pizza & Opera

3. Big Mamas and Papas – Pizza & Attitude

Go eat at these places. Tell ’em The Actor sent you.

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