Subway to Dodger Stadium? Do it already.


It sounds like something from the Brooklyn days, but L.A. Dodger fans want it to be a reality here. Imagine getting on the subway to head to a baseball game – in Southern California. The fun. The convenience. The joy of not sitting on the 101/5/whatever.

Zach Behrens at LAist is right about the Purple and Expo lines being a priority. But, some sort of Dodger Line should be in any long range plans by the MTA. Word has it that last night, the stadium wasn’t even half full on what could have been a historic night in baseball. Think about how many people would go to games more often if they didn’t have to worry about traffic or parking. Season ticket sales would go up. Fans would be FANS. And Vin Scully would be named King.

One has to wonder if there’s a better way to get funding for stuff like this. For example, if the Dodgers organization were convinced of a substantial financial impact of a subway line to the stadium, would they be willing to foot some of the bill? Would other major developers and retailers along the line chip in?

Questions, questions, questions. Mr. Mayor, we’re waiting for answers.


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