Hello, Barry


So the Giants are in town to play the Dodgers this week. Honestly, I never even knew this was a rivalry until I moved to L.A. But, it is. And it’s a nasty one. Add Barry Bonds to the mix, and expect bad things to happen. Bonds is one away from tying the all-time record, and if he hits it, or even passes it during this week’s series, one of the strangest moments in baseball history will take place.

Fans are being told to behave, and applaud the man for breaking what is arguably the greatest feat in all of sports. But, fans hate him. Everywhere. San Franciscoans – Franciscites – Francisconians… well, they swear they like him. But really, aren’t they just cheering for the jersey he has on? The question is, how will L.A. come out of this… Will our reaction represent what everyone else is thinking and feeling? Or will we look like a giant gang of mischievous thugs? The inner cholo in me wants to show Barry what I really think of him.

One thing is certain: A-Rod, you are on the clock. Get out of those pinstripes while you still have time.


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