Gates at Metro Rail stations


Right now, there are none. Los Angeles Metro Rail operates on an honor system.

Heck, we sure hope you pay to ride our train. It’s nice and shiny, and it’ll get you wherever you gotta go. At least if you gotta go to Universal City or Downtown.

From the L.A. Times Bottleneck Blog:

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will spend $1 million to study whether the agency should install gates at its light rail and subway stations… officials estimate that 5 percent of passengers evade the system, costing the agency about $1.75 million. Board member Richard Katz voted against studying the barrier system, arguing it does not make fiscal sense to spend millions of dollars on a problem that costs the agency less than $2 million a year.”

Way to go, Mr. Katz. Since we have so much cheddar to blow that we don’t need to be bothered with losing 2 mil a year, maybe you could push for a Red Line extension under Ventura Boulevard that could get Valley peeps between Burbank and the new Arclight in Sherman Oaks? I’m tired of driving, and I’d like to get my movie on. Thanks.

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